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Alongside luxury and lifestyle brand, Revolution & Company, Revolution|Art will focus on selling art and photography by Barnaby L. Smith. Not only the creator, owner and designer for the company, but a Visual Artist who has completed a BA in Drawing and Printmaking with a 2:1, specialising in Screen-print, Lithograph and drawing. Barnaby L. Smith has recently started an MA in Graphic Arts, specialising in branding, letterpress and book design. He continues to build on his artist path within these two subjects. His subject matter visits the subject of 'Urban Environments and Industrial Structures' within an psychological and sociological context. Specifically looking at aesthetic geometric pleasures of the building as well as the anthropological analysis. This artwork is designed to create a freedom for the end user wanting to escape from daily life. An escapism from the illusion of problems getting in the way of living everyday life in an urban city .

Barnabys social media: 

Instagram | @barneyb_smth