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Revolution Studios


Revolution & Company speaks in reference to a positive turning point - Just like we can make a positive input into your business. Founder, Barnaby Smith was diagnosed with epilepsy in early 2010 and decided to promote his business anonymously. Using the word ‘revolution’ Barnaby turns what could be a negative situation into a positive. In his eyes it was sharing the one hundred and eighty degree achievement of becoming more strong and healthy than earlier in that year. It also speaks to everyone instantly forming that strong bond. Anyone can make out what they want from the name and turn it into something for themselves.

We, too, are dreamers and believe hard-work and the spirit of freedom can go hand-in-hand. Our work is at the intersection of your imagination and reality. With a strong passion for lifestyle and fashion based near the calming beaches, juxtaposed with bustling cityscape lifestyle photography. We can deliver to multiple audiences. On top of this Barnaby has a strong ability in taking photos of architecture and interiors. Here at Revolution & Company we aim to make things as simple and transparent as possible. Whether your business is your full-time gig, side-hustle, or passion project, it has the potential to thrive with the right people supporting you. Get in touch with us and we can discuss what you have in mind.