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 Revolution Is a new up and coming luxury lifestyle brand which supplies hand screen-printed t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies, for a demographic of surf and city lovers. The current development within the branding is in its early stages and will grow over the year.
The business name ‘Revolution' is a metaphor and analogy for the journey taken from the time the creator and owner of the business was facing difficult times. Barnaby L. Smith the owner, developed epilepsy, but over two years took a turn for the better, a revolution, a one hundred-and-eighty-degree spin for the better.
I have taken my passion(s) for art, photography and fashion and thrown it together to create a business which implements all the elements of these subjects. The targeted demographic is based upon the interest I have for both, the fast-passed city life and the slowed down surf scenes of British seasides. more specifically London, Bristol and Polzeath, Cornwall.